Link Round-Up [1.13.17]

America – Obamacare = severe impact on mental health coverage

How will the Obamacare repeal affect mental health coverage? Severely to say the least – Seth Millstein, Bustle

Did you know that “according to the CDC, the uninsured rate for those with “serious psychological distress” plummeted from 28.1 to 19.5 percent between 2012 and 2015. What happened in 2012? The Affordable Care Act. If Obamacare gets repealed and no replacement is enacted, it could mean disaster for mental health coverage across the nation.

Yup, even Deadpool deals with anxiety

Ryan Reynolds Reveals Blake Lively Helped Him Overcome His Anxiety – Ellie Bate, Buzzfeed

Well, Ryan Reynolds does at least. In a recent interview with Variety, he talks about how he’s struggled with anxiety since a child and how that anxiety popped up again during the filming of Deadpool. What helped him through that stressful time? His wife, fellow actress Blake Lively.

“If You Need an Arm Condom, It Might Be Time to Reevaluate Some of Your Life Choices” is just one of the hilarious chapter titles in this book

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir – Jenny Lawson

I’ll admit I’m only about half way through the book, but I already highly recommend it. Full of ridiculous stories featuring a plethora of wildlife, this book touches on depression, miscarriage, eating disorders and anxiety in such a refreshing way. It’s funny, honest, absurd, yet at moments so relatable and heartbreakingly true.

There’s nothing wrong with unsustainable happiness

Grown-Up Happiness – Alli Speed, Youtube

Youtuber Alli Speed discusses what happiness is, the idea of happiness being a choice and the #positivevibesonly movement. Gets you thinking about the difference between contentment and happiness.

“I don’t think we need to be chasing [happiness]… I think chasing happiness, I think that constantly striving for a positive state of mind or to be some kind of beacon of emotional solidity is just a very very difficult position to put yourself in. I think it’s a lot, I think it’s too much for just one person.”


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