Link Round-Up [1.27.17]


Breathing may be more beautiful than you think

How mindful breathing will make you more successful and less anxious – Benjamin Foley, Medium

Foley writes in a way that describes breathing with such beauty and grace and importance. It led me to reconsider my thoughts on breathing and the power it has.

If you’re stressed or anxious or lost, take the six minutes out of your day to read his article and recenter yourself through breathing.

“Breathe, and be present, for this moment is all you will ever have. The future will never come. The past is just a memory. The present is all there is. Remind yourself of this and experience this moment, for it is fleeting and there are few left to waste.”

“Have a salad, stupid.”

Helpful Tips For Beating The Winter Blues – Sarah Hutto, The New Yorker

This satirical piece won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I chuckled at it’s dark and dry humorous take on all too common advice for feeling happier.

“If this frigid season is getting you down, have a salad and increase your antidepressants, stupid.”

Hygee – the Danish secret to self-care

I Practiced Hygge And It’s Kind Of The Best Thing Ever – Anne Roderique-Jones, Self

Tons of candles. Comfy socks. Fluffy blanket. Tea and hot chocolate. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect, relaxing evening?

It’s all part of – pronounced HOO-guh – a Danish approach to slowing down, unwinding and finding happiness. The word roughly translates to “coziness” and it’s all about giving yourself time for self-care.

“I asked Wiking [author of The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets To Happy Living] to lay out the perfect day of hygge for me. He said I should make sure that I have enough time, not be in a hurry, and focus on the simple pleasures.”

Hopefully you’ll get a blog post within the coming weeks about my own experience with hygee.


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