Link Round-Up [2.3.17]

What’s the leading cause of disability worldwide? Believe it or not, it’s depression

Mental Illness and the Global Health Agenda – Joanne Silberner, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Aid money to low or middle-income countries often focuses on physical illness and overlook the problems caused by mental illness. In this journalism project by reporter Joanne Silberner, she follows one psychiatrist’s work to change that.

Wait, kids can be depressed too?

Could physical activity protect children from depression? –  Catharine Paddock, Medical News Today

Yup. It’s estimated that around 5 percent of kids and adolescents have depression A new study from researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and NTNU Social Research found that children who are physically active are less likely to be depressed.

We Need Therapy

Always Open: We Need Therapy – #15, Rooster Teeth 

Rooster Teeth’s podcast Always Open usually features hilarious or embarrassing topics revolving around sex and growing up as an adult. But this edition of the podcast features special guest Kati Morton, a licensed marriage and family therapist and Youtuber. Rooster Teeth employees Barbara Dunkelman, Blaine Gibson and Mariel Salcedo join her to answer a handful of user submitted questions while sharing their own experiences with mental health issues.

*Bonus video featuring Barb, Mariel and Kati:


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