Link Round-Up [2.10.17]

What is bipolar disorder?

What is bipolar disorder? – Helen M. Farrell – Ted-Ed, YouTube

This six-minute video gives a brief explanation into what bipolar disorder is and how it affects people.

“About one to three percent of adults experience the broad range of symptoms that indicate bipolar disorder”

Therapy chat

Chattin’ about therapy with Tessa Violet – doddlevloggle, YouTube

I’ve long been fans of YouTube creators Tessa and Dodie. I’ve mainly known them through their music, but lately they’ve been opening up about their mental health struggles.

Here they talk about their experiences with therapy, such as the difficulties to find the right therapist and the stigmas associated with going to therapy.

Not every kind of therapy will work for you

Therapy Didn’t Work – Nanalew, YouTube

In this video, another one of my favorite YouTube creators discusses her struggles with finding the right therapist and the right kind of therapy that worked for her.






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