6 tips for dating with depression

Dating is complicated enough without adding depression into the mix. Here are some tips for keeping your mental health in check while in the dating world.

1. Put yourself first

While meeting new people and dating can seem like an exciting way to take your mind off your problems, it’s important to make sure you are ready to take that step. Never forget to take care of yourself first before getting involved in a relationship.

2. Be sure you’re dating for the right reasons

Relationships can give us a lot of positive feelings of being loved, desired and successful. But it’s important to not enter into a relationship solely to acquire that reassurance.

3. Create a support system

Dating is difficult. Try to find friends who are also in the dating scene so you can share stories and offer support to each other.

friends 5

4. Don’t force it

There are some weeks where your depression will be worse than other weeks. It’s important to not push yourself during these bad times. Acknowledge that you might need to take a break for yourself, but don’t view that as a setback or a failure. Everyone needs time to themselves to recharge and recuperate.

5. Find the right time to tell your partner

Depression and other mental health issues are very personal subjects. While they do play a big part in a person’s life, it’s important not to feel pressured to reveal your struggles too early. While it’s important to be honest with your partner, it’s also important for your mental health that you feel safe. So be sure you get to a stage where you trust them to react in a way that is positive and supportive. But don’t keep it a secret if things are getting serious because your partner does deserve to know.

6. Understand the effect your depression might have on your relationship and sex life

intimacy 1.jpgBeing depressed effects people differently. It’s important to discuss with your partner how it effects you so they can understand what role it may play in your relationship and what they can do to support you.

Being depressed may lower your libido and decrease the pleasure you feel from sex. Be sure to talk to your partner about this so they are aware of the issue and so it doesn’t cause a rift in your relationship.


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