Link Round-Up [2.24.17]

J.E.R.M. – a new mental health acronym

Talking Mental Health with Josh Sundquist | 100 Days, 100 Days – YouTube

Journal, exercise, reading and meditation. Those four words are the corner stone of Josh Sundquist’s daily mental health routine. In this video Josh talks about his struggle with cancer, losing his leg and how he stays motivated.

You have a beautiful body

Beautiful Body (Natalie Poetry) – Salome Hein, Youtube

I’ve always found such beauty in poetry and I love finding spoken word and slam poetry that resonates. I love this piece because of the rhythm and the repetition of the words “you have a beautiful body” repeat and crescendo until a little part of me couldn’t help but believe that yes, I do have a beautiful body.

“I will repeat these words until I am no longer reluctant
Until these words are a given
Until they are no longer foreign in my mouth”

You don’t have to be skinny to live your life happy

I’m not skinny anymore – Nanalew, Youtube

Shawna talks about the pressure and stress of gaining weight as a youtuber and touches on the idea of positive and negative body stress.

“Your worth is not in your weight, your worth is not in a number.”


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