Link Round-Up [2.24.17]

J.E.R.M. – a new mental health acronym

Talking Mental Health with Josh Sundquist | 100 Days, 100 Days – YouTube

Journal, exercise, reading and meditation. Those four words are the corner stone of Josh Sundquist’s daily mental health routine. In this video Josh talks about his struggle with cancer, losing his leg and how he stays motivated.

You have a beautiful body

Beautiful Body (Natalie Poetry) – Salome Hein, Youtube

I’ve always found such beauty in poetry and I love finding spoken word and slam poetry that resonates. I love this piece because of the rhythm and the repetition of the words “you have a beautiful body” repeat and crescendo until a little part of me couldn’t help but believe that yes, I do have a beautiful body.

“I will repeat these words until I am no longer reluctant
Until these words are a given
Until they are no longer foreign in my mouth”

You don’t have to be skinny to live your life happy

I’m not skinny anymore – Nanalew, Youtube

Shawna talks about the pressure and stress of gaining weight as a youtuber and touches on the idea of positive and negative body stress.

“Your worth is not in your weight, your worth is not in a number.”


Link Round-Up [2.10.17]

What is bipolar disorder?

What is bipolar disorder? – Helen M. Farrell – Ted-Ed, YouTube

This six-minute video gives a brief explanation into what bipolar disorder is and how it affects people.

“About one to three percent of adults experience the broad range of symptoms that indicate bipolar disorder”

Therapy chat

Chattin’ about therapy with Tessa Violet – doddlevloggle, YouTube

I’ve long been fans of YouTube creators Tessa and Dodie. I’ve mainly known them through their music, but lately they’ve been opening up about their mental health struggles.

Here they talk about their experiences with therapy, such as the difficulties to find the right therapist and the stigmas associated with going to therapy.

Not every kind of therapy will work for you

Therapy Didn’t Work – Nanalew, YouTube

In this video, another one of my favorite YouTube creators discusses her struggles with finding the right therapist and the right kind of therapy that worked for her.





Link Round-Up [2.3.17]

What’s the leading cause of disability worldwide? Believe it or not, it’s depression

Mental Illness and the Global Health Agenda – Joanne Silberner, Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting

Aid money to low or middle-income countries often focuses on physical illness and overlook the problems caused by mental illness. In this journalism project by reporter Joanne Silberner, she follows one psychiatrist’s work to change that.

Wait, kids can be depressed too?

Could physical activity protect children from depression? –  Catharine Paddock, Medical News Today

Yup. It’s estimated that around 5 percent of kids and adolescents have depression A new study from researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and NTNU Social Research found that children who are physically active are less likely to be depressed.

We Need Therapy

Always Open: We Need Therapy – #15, Rooster Teeth 

Rooster Teeth’s podcast Always Open usually features hilarious or embarrassing topics revolving around sex and growing up as an adult. But this edition of the podcast features special guest Kati Morton, a licensed marriage and family therapist and Youtuber. Rooster Teeth employees Barbara Dunkelman, Blaine Gibson and Mariel Salcedo join her to answer a handful of user submitted questions while sharing their own experiences with mental health issues.

*Bonus video featuring Barb, Mariel and Kati:

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Breathing may be more beautiful than you think

How mindful breathing will make you more successful and less anxious – Benjamin Foley, Medium

Foley writes in a way that describes breathing with such beauty and grace and importance. It led me to reconsider my thoughts on breathing and the power it has.

If you’re stressed or anxious or lost, take the six minutes out of your day to read his article and recenter yourself through breathing.

“Breathe, and be present, for this moment is all you will ever have. The future will never come. The past is just a memory. The present is all there is. Remind yourself of this and experience this moment, for it is fleeting and there are few left to waste.”

“Have a salad, stupid.”

Helpful Tips For Beating The Winter Blues – Sarah Hutto, The New Yorker

This satirical piece won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I chuckled at it’s dark and dry humorous take on all too common advice for feeling happier.

“If this frigid season is getting you down, have a salad and increase your antidepressants, stupid.”

Hygee – the Danish secret to self-care

I Practiced Hygge And It’s Kind Of The Best Thing Ever – Anne Roderique-Jones, Self

Tons of candles. Comfy socks. Fluffy blanket. Tea and hot chocolate. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect, relaxing evening?

It’s all part of – pronounced HOO-guh – a Danish approach to slowing down, unwinding and finding happiness. The word roughly translates to “coziness” and it’s all about giving yourself time for self-care.

“I asked Wiking [author of The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets To Happy Living] to lay out the perfect day of hygge for me. He said I should make sure that I have enough time, not be in a hurry, and focus on the simple pleasures.”

Hopefully you’ll get a blog post within the coming weeks about my own experience with hygee.

Link Round-Up [1.20.17]

Out with the old, in with the new

Fear, Anxiety, and Depression in the Age of Trump – Michelle Goldberg, Slate

President that is. Today is Donald Trump’s inauguration and for many in America, his stepping into the role of Commander in Chief means a new slew of anxiety and fear of the future.

Yes, there are more than cat videos on YouTube

Everyone Struggles: A Conversation about Mental Health – VidCon 2016

This week’s link round up only features two links because this video is an hour long.

But it’s worth it I promise.

Youtubers Kati Morton, Hannah Hart, TomSka, Beckie Jane Brown and Meghan Rienks discus their experiences with mental health struggles.

It’s open and honest and a great snippet of conversations we should be having about mental health.

“Even when you’re broken you still matter.” ~ Beckie Jane Brown


Link Round-Up [1.13.17]

America – Obamacare = severe impact on mental health coverage

How will the Obamacare repeal affect mental health coverage? Severely to say the least – Seth Millstein, Bustle

Did you know that “according to the CDC, the uninsured rate for those with “serious psychological distress” plummeted from 28.1 to 19.5 percent between 2012 and 2015. What happened in 2012? The Affordable Care Act. If Obamacare gets repealed and no replacement is enacted, it could mean disaster for mental health coverage across the nation.

Yup, even Deadpool deals with anxiety

Ryan Reynolds Reveals Blake Lively Helped Him Overcome His Anxiety – Ellie Bate, Buzzfeed

Well, Ryan Reynolds does at least. In a recent interview with Variety, he talks about how he’s struggled with anxiety since a child and how that anxiety popped up again during the filming of Deadpool. What helped him through that stressful time? His wife, fellow actress Blake Lively.

“If You Need an Arm Condom, It Might Be Time to Reevaluate Some of Your Life Choices” is just one of the hilarious chapter titles in this book

Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir – Jenny Lawson

I’ll admit I’m only about half way through the book, but I already highly recommend it. Full of ridiculous stories featuring a plethora of wildlife, this book touches on depression, miscarriage, eating disorders and anxiety in such a refreshing way. It’s funny, honest, absurd, yet at moments so relatable and heartbreakingly true.

There’s nothing wrong with unsustainable happiness

Grown-Up Happiness – Alli Speed, Youtube

Youtuber Alli Speed discusses what happiness is, the idea of happiness being a choice and the #positivevibesonly movement. Gets you thinking about the difference between contentment and happiness.

“I don’t think we need to be chasing [happiness]… I think chasing happiness, I think that constantly striving for a positive state of mind or to be some kind of beacon of emotional solidity is just a very very difficult position to put yourself in. I think it’s a lot, I think it’s too much for just one person.”

Link Round-Up [1.6.17]

 1. New Year’s resolutions of the mentally ill – Amanda Rosenberg, Medium

A humorous list of New Year’s resolutions with a healthy dose of truth and wisdom amidst the sass.

  1. When people ask if you’re ok, tell the truth and say “no, I am not”.

2. Carrie Fisher Put Pen and Voice in Service of ‘Bipolar Pride’ – Benedict Carey, New York Times

We lost a great number of legends in 2016, but the unexpected double loss of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher still stings fresh in many minds. Fisher not only played the iconic role of Princess Leia, but she took huge steps towards normalizing conversation about mental illness and raising awareness about bipolar disorder.

“She was so important to the public because she was telling the truth about bipolar disorder, not putting on airs or pontificating, just sharing who she is in an honest-to-the-bone way,” said Judith Schlesinger, a psychologist and author of “The Insanity Hoax: Exposing the Myth of the Mad Genius.”

3. The Mental Health Crisis in Trump’s America – Richard A. Friedman, New York Times

A few days after Donald J. Trump was elected president, I started getting anxious phone calls from some of my patients. They were not just worried about the direction President-elect Trump might take the nation, but about how they were going to fare, given their longstanding and serious mental illnesses.

4. Just Do The Work – Meghan Tonjes, Youtube

Meghan articulates perfectly my struggle with committing to making big changes in my life and maintaining motivation.

A lot of people on the internet are giving you advice saying ‘you don’t have to wait til the new year, just start something.’ And I think that is easier said than done.

Link Round-Up [10.21.16]

1. My NerdCon Stories Talk about Mental Illness and Creativity – John Green, Medium

Here Green shares three stories about bad times in his life; The Alaska Implosion, The Sprite Debacle and the collapse of last year.

He discusses the difficulties of being creative while battle mental illness and the romanticized stigma that flirting with the brink of mental health elevates an artist’s creativity.

“In the end, I feel that romanticizing mental illness is dangerous and destructive just as stigmatizing it is. So I want to say that, yes, I am mentally ill. I’m not embarrassed about it. And I have written my best work not when flirting with the brink, but when treating my chronic health problem with consistency and care.”

2. My daughter, who lost her battle with mental illness, is still the bravest person I know –  Doris A. Fuller, The Washington Post

Fuller writes about her daughter’s battle with mental illness in this moving article and stresses that her daughter’s suicide doesn’t diminish her courage and bravery.

“My daughter lived more than six years with an incurable disease that filled her head with devils that literally hounded her to death, and she did it while laughing, painting, writing poetry, advocating and bringing joy to the people around her. She was the bravest person I have ever known, and her suicide doesn’t change that.”

3. Please Do Not Dismiss My Mental Illness – katiereablog

This 24-year-old blogger discusses what not to say to a person with a mental illness. At the top of is list is “you’ll be fine.”

Instead, Katie recommends using phrases like “you’re not alone in this” or “I can’t really understand what you are feeling, but I can offer my compassion.”

Check out her post for suggestions on how to comfort someone with a mental illness and not dismiss their struggles.

4. Tweet of the Week

This tweet from @MentalHelpNet was just one in their twitter chat on domestic violence and abusive relationships.

As someone who’s been trapped in an emotionally abusive relationship, I know how hard it is to spot the signs and encouraging discussion about them is an important step forward to helping those in emotionally abusive situations.

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 9.16.47 PM.png

5. Borrowed Time

While animated films and videos are perhaps thought of as just a medium for children, filmmakers around the world are showing that it can also explore dark, painful subjects.

This Pixar short deals with grief and guilt and suicide. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to watch and teaches us to find the strength to carry on in even the littlest of things – like an old broken pocket watch.


Link Round Up [10.14.16]

Here is a weekly Friday round-up of five mental health related articles, blog posts, projects, videos or art that you should check out.

1. Does Some Birth Control Raise Depression Risk? That’s Complicated – Tara Haelle, NPR

This week, tons of news stories have been floating around regarding a new study that seemed to definitively link depression to birth control. This NPR article discusses the scientific nuances that many of those “birth control raises depression risk” articles overlooked.

2.  I know what it’s like to be a black man living with depression – Kenneth Todd Nelson, Fusion

Kenneth Todd Nelson pens a beautiful article describing his experience with depression after the loss of his parents, with an emphasis on how being a black man shaped that experience.

“Changing the stigma starts with children: Tell your boys that it’s okay to cry, that there’s nothing wrong with asking for help, and that having depression or acknowledging a mental health challenge does not make you crazy. It makes you human.”

3. Anxy Magazine

Anxy is a magazine that hopes to shed light on “our inner worlds – the ones we often refuse to share, the personal struggles, the fears that fool us into believing that the rest of the world is normal and we’re not.”

Featured in Refinery29, Neiman Lab and Bustled, the project is garnering attention for it’s deeply personal stories packaged in beautifully artful ways.

While the biannual magazine’s first issue isn’t scheduled to go live until next May, you can read some of the founders’ stories on Medium.

4. Tweet of the week – Wil Wheaton

Screen Shot 2016-10-11 at 11.08.04 PM.png

On October 10, lots of celebrities took to twitter to share their stories about mental health in honor of World Mental Health Day.

Wil Wheaton’s series of tweets encouraged seeking out help and facilitated discussion about medication and therapy without the feeling of shame.

5. Falling Letters – Erik Rosenlund

This Swedish animated film by Erik Rosenlund beautifully illustrates what it’s like for a child with an attention disorder.